David in Personnel Today & HR Review – Computer says Go – Danger of robot dismissals

Due to Covid-19, businesses are becoming more and more reliant on technology and AI in managing their people (who are often working remotely)

AI is also increasingly being used in employment and quasi employment relationships (as with the Uber drivers).

In the UK, Uber drivers are currently classed as workers (half way between employees and contractors) whereas in a recent case in California Uber driver have just been classed as employees.

Uber drivers are data subjects under GDPR because Uber holds personal data about them.

Under the GDPR Article 22, Uber is not allowed to make a decision to terminate the contract with the Uber driver based solely on data under an automated process.

The case in the Netherlands is being brought by Uber drivers who allege that their contracts were terminated in effect by a robot.

Read David’s comments in Personnel Today and HR Review on the risk for businesses in over-reliance on AI.

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Posted on Thursday 29th October 2020

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