David in the Guardian – How to deal with a staff member that isn’t up to scratch

David was quoted in an article in The Guardian in August 2017 about how to deal with underperforming staff.

Paper trail

David Greenhalgh specialist employment lawyer recommends keeping a paper trail to document the issues.  Before dismissing a proper process needs to be followed giving the employee chances to improve and giving warnings if that improvement doesn’t happen, first, second and then final. Dismissal can then follow if the desired improvements don’t materialise after a reasonable period of time.

Getting a good egg 

So once bitten twice shy.  How can you be sure that you don’t have the same problems with their replacement?  David Greenhalgh says that interview questions should be consistent and designed around your company values.  The candidate should be asked to show how they have demonstrated each of those values.

Checking candidate’s social media profiles and searching their name on the new database of employment tribunal claims are some ways of reducing the chance of your hiring a “bad egg” in the first place concurs David Greenhalgh.

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Posted on Friday 18th August 2017

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