Dominic Raab Report – Times Radio Interview

I was interviewed by Chloe Tilley on Times Radio an hour before Dominic Raab resigned.

Interesting questions about whether the identity of the complainants should have been shared with Mr Raab and what happens to the complainants if Mr Raab remains in role.

I said I thought it is reasonable for the PM to take his time considering the report which has taken 5 months to complete. Innocent unless proven guilty.

No smoke without fire? What if there are findings of bullying but no action is taken? Would employees who have been brave enough to come forward need protection in this situation? How would HR manage the situation where there are no findings of bullying?

Where complaints of discrimination, harassment or whistleblowing are made employees have legal protection if they are treated badly as a result. Where the complaint made is one of bullying against that individual and it is not related to discrimination, that same legal protection does not apply.

Changes to the culture of an organisation come from the top. The goal should be the creation of a safe workplace where staff feel empowered to call out unacceptable behaviours and that such complaints will be fully investigated and action taken where appropriate.


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Posted on Monday 24th April 2023

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