Review of new employment terms

Have you been offered a new role?  Would you like a review of the new employment terms contained in the new contract you have been asked to sign?

David provides a fixed fee review service for senior executives who have been offered new employment contracts or service agreements by a new employer or where they have been given a new contract to sign by way of a variation to their existing contract.

A review at this stage, with a request for any changes needed, is important because once you sign the new contract seeking any changes later is likely to fail because it will not be in the employer’s interests to agree to the same.  Many senior executives seeking support from David would not have needed his assistance had they taken advice before signing up to detrimental employment terms.  David can support you with negotiations on terms or in seeking any necessary changes on your behalf.

David can take you through the new terms you have been offered by telephone, online or face to face to make sure that you understand fully what you signing up to including;-

  • bonuses and benefits
  • garden leave provisions
  • restrictive covenants
  • obligations during your employment
  • obligations and restrictions on you post-termination
  • share options and other incentives
  • probation & extension
  • notice and PILON

David also advises employers and hence he is well placed to advise you on what provisions are standard, unusual and whether it is worth requesting changes to them.

If you would like a fixed price review of your employment contract or directors service agreement please call David on 0203 603 2177 or Click To Make A Free Online Enquiry.

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