David has considerable experience in supporting employees and senior executives from an ethnic minority background who are facing discrimination in the workplace. Find out everything you need to know about handling your discrimination claim with David Greenhalgh, one of Legal 500’s top race discrimination lawyers, and based in the City of London. 

What Can a Race Discrimination Lawyer Help You With? 

Because race is 1 of the 9 protected characteristics of employment law, any negative treatment of an employee due to their race may contribute towards a racial discrimination case. The 9 characteristics protected by the Equality Act (2010) include:

These characteristics are protected by UK law, which means that if your employer has treated you badly due to you having one or more of these characteristics, then you need to speak with a race discrimination lawyer immediately. 

You only have 3 months minus 1 day from the date of the last discriminatory act to start a claim at an employment tribunal. Acting quickly is therefore imperative if you wish to protect your rights.

If you are an employee or senior-level employee from a ethnic minority background and believe that you may have been discriminated against in the workplace please call David on 0203 603 2177 or Click To Make A Free Online Enquiry.

How Do I Know That I Have Been Discriminated Against? 

Discrimination is sometimes obvious and direct but more often, workplace prejudice is more subtle and less straightforward. Less recognisable examples of workplace discrimination could include:

  • remarks heard in office ‘banter’; 
  • the language used in social media communications;
  • lack of promotion;
  • reduced pay;
  • reduced responsibilities;
  • forced exit for spurious reasons;
  • allegations, investigation and disciplinary action

If any of the above applies to you in relation to any recent workplace encounter, then you may have a legal claim against the person responsible and your employer.

We specialise in obtaining settlement for employees and senior executives facing discrimination at work without the need for expensive tribunal proceedings.

What If I’m Unsure?

Discrimination isn’t always clear to all parties involved. Some discriminatory acts are often played down as friendly workplace banter, or are hidden in the fabric of a company as a whole in terms of its underlying culture. However, if you think your race has played any role in your negative treatment at work, or it has been used as an obstacle to your development and career advancement, then you may have a claim. 

In any case, speaking with a race discrimination expert solicitor will allow you to be informed about the likely legal position. David Greenhalgh can offer advice tailored to you and your position, supporting you with his expert advice on the best way forward. 

To find out what you can do to secure one of the top UK race discrimination lawyers with over 27 years of fighting for employees and top-level senior executives against racial discrimination in the workplace, contact David Greenhalgh today by calling 020 3603 2177 or contact us today

David’s Experience as a Race Discrimination Solicitor

Despite recent improvements to racial discrimination issues in the workplace generally, prejudice still exists in many workplaces with ethnic minority employees making up 1 in 8 of the working-age population but only occupying 1 in 16 of the top-management level positions.

The low number of minority workers filling senior-level positions is recognised as resulting from historical racism. This prejudice still exists in the some UK work places. So how can you get justice?

David advises on all aspects of race discrimination, including;

  • lodging a grievance;
  • building a case;
  • securing an exit package;
  • returning to work if suitable;
  • bringing tribunal proceedings if that becomes necessary.

If you are an employee or senior-level ethnic minority employee and believe that you may have been discriminated against in the workplace please call David on 0203 603 2177 or Click To Make A Free Online Enquiry.