Dealing with Bonus Dispute Lawyers 

For many of the senior executives who David helps, options and bonuses often form a significant proportion of their remuneration package.

Employers may want bonuses to be discretionary but the employment documentation and the history of how bonuses have been awarded may mean that contractual entitlement has been created.

Some  Bonus Entitlement are payable subject to the business hitting certain targets whereas others are linked to both individual and business performance.

Even if your bonus is stated to be discretionary, the serious misuse of that discretion can be challenged.  An indication of likely bonus levels can also help where the actual bonus awarded is considerably less (and where nothing has changed in the meantime).

If you would like advice on whether you are entitled to a bonus payment or a higher bonus payment or where you want support in making an approach for a bonus payment/an enhanced bonus payment please contact David on 0203 603 2177 or Click To Make A Free Online Enquiry.

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