Suspended? Facing Disciplinary Investigation/Action?

If you have been suspended or if you been invited to attend a disciplinary investigation or hearing by your employer there is always a risk that this could result in your dismissal.

The threat of losing your job and potentially your career can be very stressful given the potential related loss of income, status and lifestyle.

David has expertise in helping employees facing these threats.


Advice should be taken as early as possible and in the case of misconduct ideally before this comes to the attention of your employer/before any formal action is threatened or taken. There may be opportunities early on to make pre-emptive strikes before your employer has the chance to start a formal process.

You should take advice from David before you give any response to the allegations made against you.  Making admissions, even in error, can damage your ability to contest those allegations in the future.

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David advises senior executives and employees on;-

  • challenging suspension
  • fighting back against allegations including challenging and preparing for investigation hearings
  • seeking reductions in maximum disciplinary sanctions threatened
  • tactics action to secure exit terms
  • negotiating exit terms under settlement agreements
  • draft formal grievance and data subject access requests

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Suspended From Work? Specialist London Employment Lawyer


David is top-ranked and listed as a Leading Individual in the Legal 500 2023 (the main guide to the best lawyers in the UK).

He has 27 years of experience which make him an expert on tactics and fighting back against suspension and disciplinary action including by using grievances and/or by disrupting/delaying/derailing the disciplinary process.

David also has experience of helping employees working in regulated sectors where allegations, if upheld, can be career ending.

Client testimonials about David’s expertise published in previous editions of the Legal 500 :-

“Terrific, really got it right and helps you make the right decision”

“Speedy turnaround and punchy, hands-on approach”

“Unstuffy, personable and down to earth”

It is very important that you seek advice as early as possible in respect of any possible disciplinary action – time is critical and a missed opportunity can often be fatal to protecting your position or securing a good exit/deal (if applicable) later.

If you have been suspended from work or invited to attend a disciplinary meeting or hearing (or you suspect you may be invited to one shortly) you should seek legal advice from us immediately as taking the wrong steps at any early stage may well be fatal later, making it it far more complex, time-consuming and costly to try and challenge or overturn any disciplinary decision made.

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