Defending Employment Tribunal Claims

David’s 25 years of litigation experience and his recognised expertise in acting for employers (Legal 500 2020) means that he is regularly instructed by employers to help them in assessing, fighting back against or settling threatened or actual employment claims.

Defending Employment Tribunal Claims or High Court claims for breach of contract (bonus) can be expensive and take up a considerable amount of management time and hence much of David’s time is spent assessing the merits of such claims when received by employers and advising them on tactics around either defending or settling such claims.

David offers a fixed price claim assessment service to enable you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed in defending a claim or whether instead, you wish to try and settle on a commercial basis and if so at what level.

David can provide employers with the following assistance:-

  • fixed price merits and value of potential claim assessment
  • liaising with ACAS pre-issue
  • drafting Response defence
  • making applications to try and derail the claim
  • taking/preparing statements from witnesses
  • dealing with disclosure issues
  • mediation
  • arranging representation at Employment Tribunal/High Court

David has obtained costs awards against unsuccessful claimants on behalf of his employer clients.

David has successfully defended claims for:-

  • unfair dismissal
  • whistleblowing
  • discrimination
  • equal pay
  • non-payment of bonuses
  • breach of contract (wrongful dismissal)
  • employment status
  • inducing breach of restrictive covenants (by new hire from a competitor)

Seeking advice early, especially if you decide to settle a claim, is essential as once tribunal proceedings are issued you will be under pressure to lodge your response which will involve you in legal spend.

If you have been threatened with or have received an Employment Tribunal Claim and need advice on the best way to proceed to limit your risk exposure please call expert employment lawyer David Greenhalgh on 020 3603 2177.