Discrimination (#MeToo & Black Lives Matter)

As a result of the #MeToo and the Black Lives Matter movements there is far more interest, desire and also pressure on employers to take discrimination in the workplace (in all forms) seriously.

David regularly advises employers on their approach to such matters, including providing diversity and inclusion training to top teams and throughout organisations.  Such training can provide protection to an employer in the event an employee, who has received proper training, later discriminates in a manner which he/she knows from training is unacceptable to the business.

David advises employers on how to approach office relationships between senior male employees and junior female employees, especially where such relationships might be said to bring the organisation into disrepute if they became public knowledge.

Organisations are taking allegations around discrimination more seriously, whether they are about specific individual acts or whether they are about alleged underlying cultural issues with the employer organisation.   Careful consideration must be given at the outset on how to respond and investigate such matters and what the legal status of any resulting report will be.  The handling of matters, which historically employers might have dealt with under settlement agreements, is now more complex and reputation management needs to be considered alongside employment law issues.

The status and protection of those raising such concerns must also be considered carefully as should issues around the possible suspension of those implicated.

If you have an issue within your organisation in relation to actual or alleged discrimination and you would like advice on how to approach it contact David Greenhalgh on 020 3603 2177.