Dealing with Sickness Absence

Dealing with sickness absence can be challenging for employers.  Such absence can be highly costly especially for employer offering company sick pay.  Because of the high levels of protection afforded to employees with disabilities, employment law advice should be taken and followed especially before any disciplinary action or dismissal is taken.  HR will often be pressurised by management to deal swiftly with sickness absence and this may not always be possible without causing a legal risk to the business.

David can advise you on what steps you need to take to comply with your legal obligations and how to respond legally to short and long term sickness absence.

Knee jerk reactions to short term sickness absence where there may be an underlying cause should be avoided.  Sickness absence can be addressed by following specialist employment law advice.

It may be possible for an employer to dismiss an employee on long term sickness absence provided it has first complied with its legal obligations.

Because awards for disability discrimination are uncapped and can be very substantial you should take specialist advice before responding to such absence (with a view to dismissing the employee).

Ignoring staff on long term sickness is not an option as this approach will only store up future issues and may trigger access to permanent health insurance which could substantially increase your premiums.

David provides a clear step by step advice to employers dealing with such absence and the correct process to be followed.

The advice can include assistance with getting advice from occupational health on possible reasonable adjustments.

Where you have issues with persistent short term sickness absences which are not disability-related, David can work with you to devise an approach to send a message to your employees that such absences will not be tolerated

David can also help you in reviewing and updating your sickness-related policies.

If you need support in dealing with sickness absence please contact David on 020 3603 2177.