Drafting Employment Contracts Lawyer

Part of the success and value of a business depends on how it protects itself from risk.

To protect your business from disputes and litigation, it is important to have tightly drafted employment contracts, policies and handbooks. Because you want these documents to be legally enforceable they should be drafted by an employment lawyer.

David can produce or review employment-related documentation including:-

  • offer letters
  • employment contracts
  • directors’ service agreements
  • restrictive covenants
  • consultancy agreements – with individuals and with them being provided through their service companies
  • NED agreements
  • handbooks and policies
  • bonuses schemes
  • settlement agreements and COT3s

David can also advise on the tactics and best approaches to securing variations to your existing employment contracts.

Because of his experience in enforcing restrictive covenants David is well placed to review your existing restrictions or draft you new ones.  If you want to able to enforce your employment documentation as having the legal binding effect it needs to be drafted by an employment lawyer.  Any of your senior employees (who could pose a threat to your business if they were to join one of your competitors or set up in competition with you) should be signed up to legally enforceable provisions around garden leave, confidential information, intellectual property and restrictive covenants.

If you require support with the drafting of new employment documentation or in reviewing your existing documentation for a fixed price please speak to David Greenhalgh on 020 3603 2177.