Handling Employee Grievances

Taking a robust approach in dealing with grievances when they are received is important as doing so can help contain/diffuse them from growing into bigger issues.

Failing to deal with grievances can result in an increase in any award later made by an employment tribunal by up to 25%.

Dealing effectively with grievances can be challenging especially when they are raised in response to disciplinary process/action.

David uses his litigation background to give tactical advice on the best approach to counter attempts by an employee to derail disciplinary processes.

Another area which requires careful planning is any investigation into grievances, including who should conduct that investigation and if so with what scope.

In the event that matters complained about in the grievance later become the subject matter of an employment tribunal claim, how you respond to the grievance will form part of the evidence to be considered by the Tribunal.

If you need support in responding to a grievance (including one raised in response to actual or threatened disciplinary action) please contact David Greenhalgh on 020 3603 2177.