David has been advising LGBT senior executives on all aspect of their employment for over 25 years (he started work as a junior lawyer in Soho).

Working as a lawyer and being gay himself, David has experienced good and bad workplace cultures around difference over the years.

David can help with:-

  • sexual orientation discrimination
  • other types of workplace discrimination
  • reviewing and negotiating new offers of employment
  • advice on withdrawing and withdrawal of such offers
  • drafting grievances
  • responding to allegations
  • preparing for meetings and hearings
  • advice on conduct allegations (including with possible regulatory and career impact)
  • tactical advice to help achieve offer of exit terms
  • advice on settlement agreements often involving high-value equity/share/options
  • negotiation of exit terms
  • advice on whether restrictive covenants are enforceable
  • advice on setting up in competition, hiring former colleagues and working for former clients
  • advice on responding to threats of injunction action for breach of restrictive covenants
  • advice on how to whistleblow
  • reviewing NED terms
  • reviewing consultancy terms
  • advice on bonus entitlements
  • advice on whether employer conduct amounts to constructive dismissal

If you are a senior LGBT senior executive and would like advice on any aspect of your employment from an expert gay employment lawyer please call David on 020 3603 2177.