Responding to allegations & disciplinary action

David has particular expertise and experience in advising senior executives in responding to allegations/threats of possible disciplinary action.

Advice should be taken as early as possible and in the case of accepted misconduct ideally before this comes to the attention of your employer.

Input from a specialist employment lawyer is essential before you give your response to the allegations against you.  Making admissions, even in error, could jeopardise your ability to contest the allegations in the future.

Where allegations are serious and could impact on your ability to pursue your future career (due to possible regulator involvement) failure to take legal advice will put you at a disadvantage.

David also acts for employers (including those in regulated sectors) and is therefore well placed to advise you on your employer is likely to react to certain responses from you to the allegations/disciplinary process.

Tactically and where appropriate David can also advise you on fighting back with a grievance or in attempting to disrupt/delay/derail the process against you.

If you are facing allegations or disciplinary proceedings please call David to discuss on 020 3603 2177.